What sailing means to me

Date published: 01 April 2019

Each spring, the marinas, bays and anchorages of Scotland are once again decorated by an assortment of yachts and motor boats; each one lovingly cared for over the winter months ashore and now ready to transport their crews to a world of freedom and excitement.

To the dedicated sailor, and there is no other kind, nothing can match the freedom of casting off the mooring and setting sail. The destination of a voyage is only limited by common sense and the prevailing weather conditions.

To those with a competitive streak, there can be no greater excitement than the close combat of the yachting race circuit, with a plethora of yachts jostling for position at the start line, under full sail, inches apart and with no brakes!

To me the thrill of sailing can best be described as an “adventure”. Whether it be an evening race around the buoys in Fairlie bay, a blue water voyage or simply a trip to Millport for fish and chips and a pint, the same feeling is still there. As soon as I step aboard I am a buccaneer, I’m Captain Kidd and any day now I’ll find that treasure (and like all sailors, I could do with some just to pay for winter maintenance). For me, the old statement that boys never grow up is true; why would I want to grow up when I am privileged enough to be able to continue adventuring and sailing my beautiful home waters of the Clyde with her secluded bays and ever changing skies? Or adventuring further afield to the Hebridean beaches of glittering golden sand and the Northern waters where dolphins play, sea eagles soar and basking sharks glide silently through the deep?

Running a charter company for 25 years has allowed me to share my passion with people from many different backgrounds and countries and to reveal to them the amazing scenery, wildlife and history that can be experienced in a short trip afloat in our part of the world. There truly are few things as satisfying as welcoming a new batch of smiling buccaneers back to port at the end of their holiday and knowing that they too now hold a passion for sailing in Scotland deep within their adventuring hearts!

Muir Anderson

Flamingo Yacht Charters