Covid-19 Sailing Update for Charter Operators

Date published: 24 September 2020


The new ‘domestic visit’ rule overrides the 6/2 persons/household rule.  Today, 24th September we have received confirmation from Scot Gov officials the new rules apply to commercial operations and not solely domestic premises.

During the course of yesterday conflicting advice was issued regarding the application of the new rules that become law on Friday 25th September.  The announcement by the FM on 22nd September of new guidance regarding visiting other households was followed by conflicting advice for commercial operators across our sector, accommodation and visitor attractions.

 As of 25th September the new Guidelines and law confirms:

  • Charter can only be undertaken by one bareboat family unit and or one bareboat family unit with a member of extended family (ie person living alone as deemed to be extended family)
  • Skippered charter or cruise. Cannot be undertaken.
  • Training voyages can be undertaken by recognised training centres for mixed group under the terms of reference issued by RYA Scotland
    • Organised outdoor activity training and events can still go ahead within a bubble of up to 30 people as long as it is organised by a clubs, class association, or RTC and has the following;
    • A Covid Officer  ( https://sportscotland.org.uk/.../sportscotland-covid... )
    • Activity is formally risk assessed and documented.
    • Relevant mitigations are put in place.
    • Participants details are recorded for track and trace
    • Advice about not car sharing with people outside your own household to activities.
  • Day boat trips Boat operators who may also operate with 1 metre. Day trip boat operators and activity providers using transport for guests follow Transport Scotland Guidelines. Note Tourism approval 28th August

Latest Scot Gov guidelines are published at https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-phase-3-staying-safe-and-protecting-others/pages/seeing-friends-and-family/

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