Learning to Sail

Learning to Sail

Scotland's watersports tuition is in a class of its own! Combine the finest scenery and sailing waters and a wide selection of RYA approved establishments with many years of experience, and you have the best possible range of opportunities for learning, afloat! Our sailing schools - and there are more than twenty-five of them - are located all around the country, and offer a wide range of tuition opportunities, including windsurfing, dinghy sailing, cruiser racing, cruising, and power boating. All levels of RYA qualification are on offer. However, apart from the selection of courses on offer, there is marvellous variety in locations, types of vessels, and tuition styles. What could be more pleasant than to learn your boating techniques in Scotland's incomparable environment.

Cruising Tuition

A typical day begins with the weather forecast, a little cruise planning over breakfast, and then it is anchor a-weigh for a passage to a distant isle, or a favourite harbour. Whether you are under sail or power, the challenges of navigation and seamanship are similar.

The day might be punctuated by a sighting of dolphins or whales, and there will certainly be an abundance of seabirds to identify. Later, the approaching anchorage prompts a look at the pilot book, to ensure that the best approach is made, and a snug spot selected for the night. Then it could be a row ashore for a pint or a dram, or a meal prepared aboard followed by a few sailors' yarns!

Could there be a more pleasant learning environment? 

Dinghy Tuition

The holiday atmosphere at most Scottish sailing schools is part of the appeal, and everyone is guaranteed an interesting, enjoyable and useful time, for whether the school is located on a coastal or inland loch, or an island, you can be sure of entertainment and instruction in good measure. For the beginner, there is the satisfaction of ones first solo dinghy sail, or a successful sailboard dash in the pleasant surroundings of a Scottish loch. More advanced pupils could be enjoying their first steps in dinghy racing, powerboat driving or water skiing.

Whatever the day's activities, the evening barbecue and the company of others on the course will round off your day to perfection, and at the end of the week you may have a new range of skills, have gained a certificate, but you will certainly have a lot of new friends!

You may even become one of the folk who come back to Scotland again and again. Even if you don't come for the fishing - you risk being hooked!