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Classic Sailing

Classic Sailing

"I have very fond memories of my first sailing trip, I'll be going again." Sue, Newbury.

Like Sue you can join any of our seven Tall Ships, Pilot Cutters and Ketches Sailing in Scotland.

Five Ships to Choose From

1. Leader - Brixham Trawler

2. Irene Ketch

3. Tecla Ketch

4. Agnes Pilot Cutter

5. Eda Frandsen Gaff Cutter


Sailing Areas

-  Inner Hebrides

-  Outer Hebrides

-  St Kilda

-  Over the top to the Est Coast

-  Through the Caledonian Canal

-  Over to Iceland


Yes you can!

-  Beginners and experienced sailors welcome

-  Individuals, couples, groups and families welcome

-  Cruise and participate if you wish

-  More Active Sail Training Style 

-  Learn more on our website.


“An amazing experience!  To also sail and live on a piece of history is fantastic.  The crew, skipper and fellow passengers made the trip truly memorable." – Roger - London

Tecla the Bold

Tecla is a friendly two masted tall ship run by a Dutch family, Jet, Jan, Janette and Gijs.  This gaff rigged ship has been a charter vessel since 1986. She was given a huge injection of energy and enthusiasm by her new owners in 2003 and has since become much better known internationally.

Tecla has done well in tall ships races and has recently come home from a two year circumnavigation around the World with adventurous charter crews of all ages and nationalities. Tecla was built to fish the North Seas under sail in 1915, and has also had a hard working life as a cargo vessel under sail in the Baltic. English is spoken onboard.

Tecla has some early season voyages to St Kilda.

Directors Choice

Tecla to Iceland from Ullapool; Tecla the bold sets off an an amazing expedition from Scotland to Iceland via the Faroes where she has some 13 and 6 day voyages before returning to Scotland.

Classic Sailing Directors

Adam or Debbie or both will be joining Tecla in parts of her Iceland Expedition. The trouble is we are fighting over who does what as we both want to do all the voyages!!

“Being 'free', being able to see the sun, stars, waves and the moon! Feeling like I was 'at home'. A mesmerizing and unforgettable experience!" Susan 



Leader is a former Brixham sailing trawler, one of the largest of her type ever built in 1892 at the boatyard of A. W. Gibbs in Galmpton on the river Dart. She fished in UK waters until 1907, when she was sold to new owners in Scandinavia.

She remained there as a working vessel until the 1960's, when she became a sail training vessel under the flag of the Swedish Cruising Club. In 1985, she was taken to the West coast of Scotland, where she was used for sailing charter holidays.


“The skipper and crew were the friendliest and most helpful and informative I have ever found compared to other ships.  Also standards of safety were much higher than I have experienced.” – Mr Beale - High Wycombe

Bits enjoyed most - "getting involved, learning sailing, meeting the other guests and crew, delicious meals, scenery, wonderful anchorages overnight, watching wildlife, climbing mast and bowsprit and steering." Anne S.



Irene of Bridgewater is one of the last two West Country trading ketches still in existence. The other vessel Bessie Ellen has built an excellent reputation with Classic Sailing.

Irene had a fantastic first season with us last year. Rachel the cook has acquired a legendary reputation for the excellence of her food and Charlie the Captain runs Irene so that everyone gets as much out of the voyage as they possibly can.

In the past she has plied her trade across the Atlantic many times and had two major restorations in her long life time, the last being completed in 2008.

She is fitted close to her original rigging but with the addition of a powerful engine. Below decks she has a fine galley and very comfortable two berth cabins, which will also take a third small person in an upper bunk.

 “I most enjoyed getting to St KIlda, wonderful scenery, excellent and plentiful food, excellent crew."   Cliff S.

Learn More at our website or send us an email, always happy to help.

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