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VentureSail Holidays

VentureSail Holidays offer unique sailing holidays all over the world, including the Hebrides in Scotland. Our three Scotland based vessels cruise the Western Isles offering their guests the chance to get up close and personal with the diverse marine life, sail through the beautiful scenery and experience life in the Outer Hebrides. Our fleet of adventure vessels provide very different, but equally brilliant experiences for their guests.

Built in 1998 in South Africa, Zuza is the most modern of the VentureSail fleet. She was built as a purpose-built liveaboard, rather than a conversion, so you’ll find all the necessary mod-cons on board to ensure her guests travel in style and comfort including double cabins with ensuite bathrooms. Relax on deck as the stunning landscape sails past, and be sure to bring binoculars to spot the vast range of rare wildlife that live in the Outer Hebrides. She is smooth and very fast, so perfect for those looking for some big yacht sailing, and a warm and dry wheelhouse for those looking to sit back and take in the view. 

Bessie Ellen is a classic boat, built in 1904 as a trading ketch and provides a slightly different offering to her guests. Bessie offers her the chance to get hands-on with traditional block and tackle sailing under the skilled eye of skipper Nikki. Become part of the crew as you learn the ropes and take the helm of this historic ship. With fabulous food on board, stunning scenery and a classic sailing experience, Bessie Ellen is perfect for those wanting to sail rather than cruise - however, there is no sailing experience needed to climb aboard, most who come aboard are complete novices looking to try something different. 

The VentureSail growing fleet sail oceans all over the world, from the Baltic Sea, Devon, France, Spain, Norway and to the Caribbean.

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